Beethoven Piano Music-Let's listen to live performances

You can listen to piano music by Beethoven. We recorded the parts of live performances and send out them on the internet.
Listening to Beethoven piano music sometimes makes you feel calm, sometimes is good for soothing your nerves. It is also effective for rejuvenating your brain.

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¨Sonata Pathetique¨ Piano Sonata No.8 in C minor, op.13-Adagio cantabile

It is known as one of the three major piano sonatas of Beethoven. Although the first movement and the third movement express anxiety and passion, this second movement is full of peace and romance. (Piano: Akiko Kondo)

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¨Quasi una fantasia¨ (Moonlight Sonata) Piano Sonata No.14 in C flat minor

¨Moonlight Sonata¨by Beethoven is often compared with ¨Clair de lune¨ by Debussy because the titles are alike. If you listen to this first movement, you'll feel composed and relaxed. (Piano: Akiko Kondo)

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Piano Sonata No.1 in F minor, Op2-Allegro

Beethoven composed 32 piano sonatas which are highly regarded. This piano sonata No.1 is also played by many pianists at the piano recitals. The first movement expresses Beethoven’s strong will and grief in the symphonic motif.   (Piano: Akiko Kondo)

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