Chopin Piano Music-Let's listen to live performances

You can listen to piano music by Chopin who is called the poet of piano.
We recorded the parts of live performances and send out them on the internet.
Please relax, enjoy and refresh yourself with poetic Chopin's pieces.

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¨Fantaisie-impromptu¨  Impromptu No.4 in C sharp minor, op.66

It is one of the most popular piano music in Chopin's. The motif is elegant and bold. You can feel the soul of romance. (Piano: Akiko Kondo)

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Nocturne No.2 in E flat major, op.9

It is the most popular and famous in his nocturnes. We feel at ease as if we were in the tender and sweet night. (Piano: Akiko Kondo)

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¨Revolutionary¨  Etude No.12 in C minor, op.10

Chopin composed this etude with his strong patriotism because his mother country was occupied by the Russia. It is full of passion and sorrow.  (Piano: Akiko Kondo)

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¨Minute Waltz¨  Walts in D flat major, op64 No.1

It is one of the most popular waltz in Chopin's. It is also called ¨little dog waltz¨. The melody of this waltz is lovely and sweet as if it represented his affection. (Piano: Akiko Kondo)

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Grande Valse Brillante in E flat major, op.18

Like the title, it is gorgeous waltz and suitable for a ball. The atmosphere of Paris society of those days comes across in this piano music. If you listen to this music, your heart will pound with excitement as if you were dancing.  (Piano: Akiko Kondo)

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Mazurka No.5 in B flat major, op.7

Mazurka is ethnic dance music of Poland which is Chopin’s homeland. He composed a lot of artistic mazurkas. This Mazurka No.5 is very popular because its melody is cheerful.
(Piano: Akiko Kondo)

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¨Lento con gran expressione¨ Nocturne No.20 in C-sharp minor, op. Posth

This is one of the most famous nocturnes. Its lyrical piano tune allures many people, so it is used in various fields, for example, movies or figure skating. (Piano: Akiko Kondo)

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