Mozart Piano Music-Let's listen to live performances

You can listen to piano music by Mozart. We recorded the parts of live performances and send out them on the internet.
Mozart piano music is easy to listen and its pleasant tune is loved by many people. Listening to music by Mozart is said to have a good effect on an unborn baby.

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¨Alla Turca¨(Turkish Rondo/Turkish March)Piano Sonata No.11 in A major, K.331

It is one of the most famous piano music by Mozart. The sound of Turkish Army is expressed by piano music. The lovely tune gives you energy, so it is popular all over the world. 
(Piano: Akiko Kondo)

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Piano Sonata No.13 in B flat major, K333(K.315c)-allegro

This sonata is really elegant and lively like the atmosphere of Vienna of those days. The melody of this first movement is light and beautiful like a merry song. (Piano: Akiko Kondo)

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