Debussy Piano Music-Let's listen to live performances

You can listen to piano music by Debussy. We recorded the parts of live performances and send out them on the internet.
Debussy expresses various impressions by the tones of a piano. His pieces are said to have influenced jazz music. So his piano music is stylish and something mysterious. Please listen to dreamy tunes while using your lively imagination.

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¨Clair de lune¨-Suite bergamasque

It is one of the most famous piano pieces by Debussy. If you listen to this tune, you will imagine the beautiful moonlight that is beginning to shine in the dark night. It is an attractive piano music with atmosphere. (Piano: Akiko Kondo)

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Premiere arabesque -Andantino con moto

It is Debussy’s early work, and already creates his style as an impressionist. Clear piano sound and melody like a stream makes you feel refreshed. (Piano: Akiko Kondo)

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Pour le piano (suite for piano) -Prelude

Debussy composed this piano piece ten years after “Suite bergamasque”. This Prelude creates a fantastic atmosphere by unique chords and florid technique.  (Piano: Akiko Kondo)

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